The £5m Car Race And How To Pull At The Lights

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If you had driven past the St Pancras hotel in London you would have thought the billionaire Arab playboys were back in town again.

There was a queue of over £5m worth of supercars were parked in a line for the start of the DodgeBall Rally 2014.




Outside St Pancras Hotel With £5m of Supercars


Two Ferrari 430 spiders, Lambourghini Gallardo and an Aventador, a McLaren 12C, a Ferrari California, Audi R8, and my latest toy, the gorgeous Caterham Seven Roadster.

A small but perfectly formed pocket rocket – 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, 175 BHP, top speed of 138 mph, from a 2.0l engine, which punches well above its weight and looks bloody sexy.

Check out the video below of me driving the Caterham car.





The Caterham Seven Roadster – Fun on Four Wheels


So sexy in fact that when stopped at the lights on the way down Oxford Street, wearing my new Taylor Morris Vredefort sunglasses when I was approached by a stunning model who came over and just started talking to me out of the blue and then gave me her number. That doesn’t normally happen, it’s got to be something to do with the motor I suppose, or the glasses, or both.

This Caterham car is without a doubt the most player thing I’ve ever owned.




Would You Give This Man Your Phone Number At The Lights?


Anyway back to the start of the race and there was much revving of engines as we prepared to put our cars on the Eurostar to start the first leg of the five day journey down to Monza – with Johnny Dodge’s merry men and women.




Johnny Dodge With His Audi R8


Johnny Dodge is a high-end party organiser and this little jaunt is going to visit all the six-star hotels from the Champagne region of France, to Zurich in Switzerland, then on to Lake Como, and then on to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

The last time I was involved in the Dodge Ball rally I didn’t actually make it off British soil. I was the passenger in a £220K Lamborghini Gallardo and the driver took a corner badly in the wet, spun the car, hit a wall and wrote the Lambo off completely before we even got to Dover.




Nearly New Lambo For Sale – One Careful Owner


I was actually asleep at the time and luckily emerged unscathed but it meant that the Dodge Ball race was seriously cut short for me that year.

Anyway this year I’m taking no chances with the car and for insurance purposes I have fitted a SmartWitness SVC1080 camera on the windscreen of the car. It’s an HD CCTV camera that records any incident and can be used as evidence of who is at fault if you are in a crash. Pretty important for me as I don’t want to have to pay for a new Caterham if someone totals this.




SmartWitness Camera Fitted Just Below The Rearview Mirror


But as an added bonus is that the quality of the footage is amazing so it’s great for making videos of motor sport races or road trips like this.

So wish me luck and hopefully I will actually get to France and back in one piece and I’ll see you all next week.

Lots of love,



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