Teenagers Pranking School Janitor Get A Lesson They Won’t Soon Forget

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Teenagers Pranking School Janitor Get A Lesson They Won’t Soon Forget

Communication between adults and teenagers can be challenging sometimes. Teens often want to push boundaries and ignore authority figures, while looking “cool” to their friends, so it’s sometimes difficult to help teens understand the consequences of their actions.

A school janitor was faced with this challenge when he was on the receiving end of a prank by teenage girls that was causing him to have to stay late every night and miss out time with his family. The “popular girls” would leave lipstick marks on the bathroom mirrors, which proved difficult and time-consuming to clean. He approached the school principal and asked for help, but when the principal made an announcement, the girls were emboldened and ended up leaving double the number of lipstick marks.

That’s when the janitor came up with a brilliant idea, one that the girls would soon take to heart. After explaining his plan to the principal, the popular girls were invited into the bathroom for a talk. The janitor wanted to show them firsthand how much work goes into cleaning their lip prints off the mirrors and when the girls see what he does, they are all shocked. I’m pretty sure the young girls won’t be teasing the janitor again!

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