Tactical Vest And Bug Out Bag Organization

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For those of you who are survival oriented, you probably are well aware of the term bug out bag. A bug out bag is a backpack or duffel bag that will allow you to leave your home in the event of an emergency or disaster while carrying on your person all the things you will need to survive for the duration of the disaster. That duration could be as short as a few days, or as long as a few weeks or months.

Organization is a fundamental of survival. Proper bug out bag organization will allow you to know exactly where your items are. There are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a bug out bag, or even a tactical vest for that matter. Some people may prefer to utilize a vest that carries all their survival items directly on their person within easily accessible pockets. Whether you utilize a vest or a backpack, the key is to pack in a way that the most essential gear items are the most easily accessible.

For example, if you will be fleeing your home during a disaster and you might fear for your personal safety, you will want to have personal protection items the most readily accessible. It might also be important to pack in a way that makes your bag the most comfortable to carry. Think about different scenarios that might occur. You may have to travel great distances on foot. If you have a backpack that is bulky and uncomfortable to carry, this could hinder your ability to move quickly. Organize your gear in a way that makes it comfortable to carry.

Whether you choose to carry a tactical vest, a backpack, or a combination of the two, make sure that you organize your gear so that you know exactly where an item is in the event that you will need it immediately.

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