Strength and weakness of a crocodile… a corporate management essential

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More often than not, the corporate employees find it hard to deal with some ‘cynical’ bosses.  Indeed, they are cynical, unpredictable and un-assumable in most instances.  It is extremely difficult for the subordinates to deal such ‘eccentric’ bosses.  

It is not difficult to deal such bosses if the subordinates have right strategy and understanding.  Every unpredictable person will have a ‘weak’ spot and hence one has to use them tactfully to handle such bosses.

Look at the giant crocodile.  It is extremely strong and powerful.  The jaw force of a crocodile is very strong.  The skin of crocodiles is indeed thick and hard and even a bullet from an ordinary rifle would dare to pierce.  The power of the tail is as same as the powerful ‘jaw power’ of the animal. 

Anyone slips into the jaws of a crocodile, will hardly find a way to escape.  But nature has never made the crocodile that ‘invincible’ or ‘powerful’.  The crocodiles do have a weak spot.  If one pushes the eye balls of a crocodile, the giant animal will release its hold automatically.  The eye balls are the weakest parts in a crocodile and hence the powerful giant can easily be controlled by pressing the eye balls of the animal.

Look at the weak spot of a giant crocodile.  Many people are reported to have saved themselves by pushing the eye balls of the animals when they were caught by crocodiles. 

No corporate boss is all that strong.  Learn the art of dealing them by studying them carefully.  Instead of getting scared by seeing their stronger points, search for their weaker ‘areas’ and you perfect your capability in those areas and deal them easily.

More than dealing, learning and understanding are inevitable.  In most occasions, the corporate employees seldom learn or understand the facts purely because of their fear.   When fear dominates, and the subordinates when succumb to fear, they tend to deal everything with fear and not with wisdom.

Like scientists and herpetologists how have understood about the giant crocodile and its uniqueness, the corporate employees also need to understand their bosses and their psychology whether it is ‘pessimistic’ or ‘sadistic’.  Only if such details are known, real display of right leadership is possible.

Understand and accept this eternal truth that the cause for fear is not the ‘cynical’ nature of the bosses but only the lack of knowledge and understanding about such bosses/situations that cause fear.      

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