Steven Harrington Launches Miniature ‘Hello Mello’ Sculpture

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Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic.

Embracing a multimedia approach, Harrington’s portfolio includes large-scale installations made of plaster and stone, handscreened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and sculptures — with the ‘Hello Mello’ highlighted in particular.

Originally produced in a 12 foot poly stone version earlier this year and exhibited at the Expo Garden Park in Shanghai, this time the cartoon-like palm tree-inspired sculpture is transformed into a smaller 11 inch iteration.

Extremely limited to 200 pieces only, the art piece will be packaged in a transparent vinyl sleeve and available to purchase starting this Friday, July 21 at Steven Harrington’s You & I online shop.

In other objects interpreted into art, Case Studyo taps Parra for comical “Give Up” tomato lamp.

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