Sober Living Homes for Women

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After a woman has completed her official treatment program, she may find that moving to a sober living home for women is a good step to aid in her recovery. It can provide a much needed transition for the woman and can help her ease back into her “normal” life. A sober living home specifically for woman can serve as a critical part of the aftercare process and help a woman succeed and flourish in her new life.

The fact of the matter is that women who use and abuse drugs and alcohol are, usually, much more complicated than male users. Furthermore, women respond differently to rehab treatment. Why, you ask? The simple answer is that women who use drugs and alcohol have generally faced some pretty serious challenges in their lives.

Research indicates that a majority of women who abuse narcotics and alcohol have a history of physical abuse or sexual abuse. Data also suggests that women who suffer from substance abuse are more apt (than a male) to have a mother or father who was also a user. When entering a sober living home for women, the staff is more readily able to deal with the unique issues facing female residents.

In reality, women generally have a lot of baggage that men don’t. Oftentimes, women who use drugs or alcohol excessively lack self confidence and have low self esteem. Many feel powerless over their lives and their situations. Other times, a woman may be brought into the world of drugs and alcohol by a boyfriend or husband who uses. Either because they felt pressured to do so, or because they find it difficult to abstain when they’re around it all the time. Other women may have entered prostitution to sustain their habits, or engaged in an occasional sex act to get their fix. These are the issues that staff at a sober living home for women are trained to deal with.

The other challenge to long term recovery that many women face is fear. Fear of getting help; fear of making a change; fear of being judged; and fear of not succeeding. This is why it is so critical for a woman to consider a sober living home for women to help her transition back into the world. Who better understands these obstacles than other women?

And once you combine the other women residents with the resources of the trained staff, most any resident of a Sober Living Homes for Women will be able to attain the skills she needs to succeed in her recovery.

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