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We have been working through the 10 things children need to be able to do before they start school.  We are now on ‘Week 5’ – To be potty trained and able to go to the loo.  Here are some pointers to help.

The parenting experts say that children are ready to be potty trained between the ages of 22 to 30 months and by age three, 9 out of 10 children are dry most days – even then, all children have the odd accident, especially when they’re excited, upset or absorbed in something else.

Here are some tips on how to do it:  

Choose a time in you diary, a week or two, when you give dedicate your time to potty training.  You’ll need to be generally staying at home and be in the right frame of mind yourself.  

Put your child in underwear when you are at home and don’t worry of they have an accident.  Nappies are so absorbent these days, children can’t even feel the they’re wet and the feeling of being wet may encourage them to use the potty.

Look for signs of being ready: telling you they’ve done a poo or wee, being interested in the potty or toilet, requesting a nappy change.

Encourage your child to sit not he loo or potty and give them a reward for doing so – stickers, stars on a star chart, marbles in a jar all work well.

Read books about using the potty or going to the loo.

Try to take your child back to the potty or offer the potty every 20 minutes or so.  After sometime, you won’t need to ask so frequently.

Once you’ve started, don’t go back unless you are absolutely certain they’re to ready.  Try not to cheat for long car journeys etc.  This can be really confusing for a little child.

Never tell your child off for the accidents that they will inevitably have.  Try and keep upbeat and make it fun!

Good luck! x

Next week – to recognise their own name.

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