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Week 8 – To be able to put on their coat and shoes

The coat is the easy part…

There are two ways to encourage a child to put their coat on:

  1. Tell the child to put their hood on their head first, then the arm holes are easier to find and so on.
  2. Put the coat on the floor with the inside facing the ceiling and hood by their feet.  Tell the child to put their arms in the holes whilst the coat in still on the floor and then swing the coat over their head, arms still in situ, and hey presto – the coat should be on properly. (See video of Minnie and Monty demonstrating this!)

Shoes are harder.  The first things first – always have velcro for reception age children but how do they know which foot goes in which shoe?

  1. Put a sticker or a permanent marker mark on the side rim of each shoe 
  2. Tell the child that the stickers go together, touching each other when the shoes are on the floor
  3. The shoes should now be in the correct position when the child tries to put them on.

Good luck!

Next week, week 9 of preparing children for school, we will think about encouraging our child to talk in sentences.

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