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Number 4  on ‘The Checklist’ of getting ready to start in reception – To understand the word ‘stop’ and that such a phrase might be used to prevent danger

A child who is under 3 years can understand to ‘stop’ when you shout it but they don’t really understand why.  

At the age of 3 years, a young children can understand “Stop” or “no”, but they cannot understand “Do not run onto the street because you will get hit by a car”. They are too busy concentrating on running without falling over or too excited about the thing they are running towards, and besides, they did not get hit by a car last time they ran on the road.  Isn’t life complicated.

So, here are some things you can do to encourage a child to understand danger:

  • Don’t assume that they will instinctively avoid things that you consider dangerous
  • Teach your child specifically what they can and cannot do, explain why things are dangerous and what could happen to them (and go over them often)
  • If your child continuously does the same dangerous thing, make social stories about things that are dangerous and ways they can stay safe.   (Social stories model appropriate social interaction by describing a situation which is relevant to that individual using a suggested appropriate response).
  • Try to keep yup environment safe; prevent access to the road, swimming pool, heights, animals and anything else they could feasibly hurt themselves by doing while your back is turned

Good luck!

Next time we will think about Potty training and toilet time …

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