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Over the Bank Holiday weekend we were camping with Tracey and family in The Forest of Dean.  I took along a few card games, Happy Families (to remind us to keep our mood up whilst trying to erect the tent), Misfits and a set called ‘Crazy Cards’ which are discussion cards (mine are out of print but you can find similar ones like these



Amazingly, we had around six or seven children from neighbouring tents around us when the Crazy Cards came out and they kept us all amused for quite some time. The types of questions were…

How are you the same and different to the person sitting next to you?

(Favourite answer: ‘we’ve both got hair but mine is tangled up’)

If you could travel anywhere on a magic carpet, where would you go and why?

(Favourite answer: ‘Candy floss land’)

If you could help the prime minister, what would you say?

(Favourite answer: ‘That everyone should have a dog’)

What is your earliest memory?

(favourite answer: ‘when I was born because I cried’)

If you could ring one relative no who would it be?

(favourite answer: ‘Batman’ showing they didn’t understand the word relative!) 

We really enjoyed playing them and really enjoyed all the crazy answers.  It’s easy to get some yourself – just type discussion cards into google and Bob’s your uncle! Or just try writing down these questions above on scraps of paper and put them in a jar so you can pull them out.

See you next week.

Nicola (Speech and Language Therapist)

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