Should you choose A Civil Service Career?

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If you are contemplating choosing a civil service career, read ahead carefully. Many facets of this career are discussed here in detail that would help in deciding if this aspiring and lucrative career is meant for you or not. 


There is no denial in the fact that civil service career is one of the most coveted career in Indian scenario. There are hundreds and hundreds of aspirants who try their best to make their foray in this career but while some successfully breakthrough in, others often have to try again for second or sometimes even third attempt. 


  • The selection criteria and the procedure of civil services are very methodical and stringent. The exams that are conducted on All India level have high degree of difficulty level and are known to rake even the most brilliant minds. The knowledge and the expertise of the civil service aspirants are gauged in the most intrinsic way and can be cracked by only sharp, intelligent and deft minds. 


  • The preparation of the civil service exams required methodical planning and intense scheduling with great amount of hard work. This career is for those individuals who are inherently intelligent and carry a natural flair about the political scenario prevalent in the country. The competitiveness involved the selection procedure of this exam is of high caliber and indeed requires full time planning and preparation. 


  • Choosing to be in civil service career is basically a subjective choice. It must be opted for go-getters and such individuals who carry zeal in their hearts to do something for their nation and society. At times, several years go into practice and preparation of these competitive exams. 


  • Those having aspirations to be part of this career must be a good reader and have natural talent to absorb the socio-political scenario of the nation. They should be realistic towards their talent and flair and must not get eluded by the status and perks that come along with this career. If you have good communication skills, a wide knowledge base and a confident demeanor, this career is going to be the most suitable for you. 


  • The exam and the selection procedure for civil services do not want such people who have habit of resting on their past laurels. The intelligence and the achievement of the aspirants should be natural and not acquired one. Thus before taking the plunge, take into account your basic preference so that you can make most of your abilities.  


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