Shaving my head for self-improvement month(s)

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Beginning was supposed to have a picture of my fauxhawk but yeah w.e. lol

Hey guys, decided to post this video up, even though it shows a pretty bad change for me. I decided to shave my head as a part of my self-improvement month. My acne has started to act up again but i just got the Retin A treatment from my dermatologist which seems pretty promising.

Again i know this haircut is bad -_____- thought you guys might enjoy it. I'll try to post a fit soon just been busy. Hopefully by the time my hair grows back, my skin will be a lot clearer.

Clear skin (hopefully)
Exercise a lot more (six pack? can always hope)
Improve my study habits
Get my hair back.. haha

song is Leessang's i'm not crying

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