Self Improvement ‘Nude’ is always in!

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The Nude palette has armed us with tools to shape, shift and re-contour our fluid faces and reshape our silhouettes – hour-glass or not. IAnD revisits the trend that swishes silently behind the curtains…

Christian Louboutin, not long ago, proclaimed: “nude is not a colour, it is a concept” – a concept that has revolutionized both makeup and apparel in its reductionist approach.

Going nude has been seminal in the history of contemporary makeup. Sought in a palette of shades, it can be used to drive different effects, create shadow, recede features and highlight others. Nude makeup drives home the careless “no make-up” makeup look. Flattering almost every complexion, women all over world have secretly, at one time or the other, stepped up to the nude movement. Add nude lipstick, and it accentuates our non-existent cheekbones and highlights our kohl- lined eyes. In fact, a nude lipstick can be used with any outfit of any colour!

Pairing nude makeup with nude apparel expands and enhances the “top-to-toe” look. These diaphanous, sheer, skin toned colours render a luminous saint-like halo to the wearer, making it a favourite on the red carpet. Embracing nude apparel also allows one to experiment with sculptural elements like drapes and textures. The interplay of lace with wool or warm silk blends seamlessly on a nude canvas.

Normally worn in a flowy mist-like silhouette, the nude trend has taken Indian fashion to an even higher level of contemporary, muted sophistication. Going nude works beautifully with Indian fashion trends. While western fashion is understated in its expression, Indian fashion is generally about bold new colours, bling and shine. The nude palette helps refocus on the artistry and delicacy of Indian fashion sense. A delicate balance of shades and textures, here are some ways to get the ‘nude’ right: • Nude is best worn without any other makeup. Stands up on its own in a clean palette • Nude goes best with a heavily made-up eye. Go all out smoky, kohl-lined or heavy on the mascara • Matching nude colour to one’s skin colour ensures a washed out, pale anaemic look. Not recommended. Use the other shades of nude to achieve the tanned rich, beach look or the romantic “English Rose” look • Nude is so versatile that it goes with absolutely any colour, bold or blush! • Have fun with a mix of myriad of textures lace, velvet, and wool to achieve a polished nude look!! Check out the visuals on

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