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God never fails; He always keeps his promises; He knows the future; He is rich in love, wisdom, and righteousness. And best of all, He always knows the way so you can go to him, even when you are feeling lost. His word says that he is not a man that he should lie. If he said it, he will do it; if he spoke it, he will make it good!

Faith can be developed be making the scriptures a part of your mind set. The scripture teaches us to believe even though we have not seen the end product or result. We are confident in a positive outcome to our situations, no matter what present conditions looks like. Habitual reading of the scripture helps us to gain faith upon faith as the victories are won. As we study the scriptures, the faith tree begins to grow stronger and stronger.

Think about the above Scripture. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. The first part says that faith comes by hearing. You can only have real faith if you are hearing the Word of God. You can have faith in negative things as well, if you are listening and feeding your mind with other worldly things that oppose the Word of God. That is why the Scripture says faith comes by hearing. What are YOU listening to? What are you feeding your mind? What are you feeding your spirit? This will determine the things that you believe. Whatever you truly believe, is what you will act on. What you act on will determine the outcomes in your day to day life.

Gift of faith – is the ‘gift of faith’ mentioned in [1Cor 12:9] This is the sovereign impartation of a gift of faith from God to you. e) Developed faith – is the developed faith in you. In developed faith, if you start with ‘5% faith, it grows to ‘75%’ faith, then you can deal with any situation that you encounter up to 75% faith. On the other hand, if your faith has not progressively grown, but you have only known a sudden gift or ‘impartation’ of faith on some singular occasion, your faith development might still be at the ‘5% level.

It was faith that made Abraham believe that he can still become the father of all nations though he had no child. It was faith that made David kill Goliath. It was faith that made the lepers, blind, deaf and dumb, according to the words of Scripture, regain their sound health.Fear tells you that the economic depression is so much that you can’t even feed your family. Faith tells you that though the economic depression is real but you can and will eat like a king if only you can believe.

To return to the mustard seed, Jesus used that by way of description because the people of His time would recognize it as the smallest seed they knew. They could not imagine anything smaller. When we relate this to quantum physics I believe it will help us see faith more clearly. Much of the time, people will not accept a biblical principle unless it is proven scientifically. Personally I think that’s backwards. Science doesn’t prove biblical principle since it existed first. The Bible is the source and it proves what science eventually realizes.

You are hungry and everyone’s talking about going to Wendy’s. You want to go but you don’t have any money. You are trusting and believing that your parents have the money. You ask them for it and they give it to you. So off you go to Wendy’s with your friends. Now we can relate to the scripture because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the money that you hoped your parents had, the evidence of things not seen, the money that you have not seen yet but believing that they have for you. Seek God and do these things that please Him.

Does faith work and if so, how? There are many passages in the Bible that tell us clearly that faith isn’t just sitting around waiting on the storm to calm on its own. Faith is acting on our beliefs. So, what are your beliefs? Do you believe God will provide or do you doubt? Do you believe God will heal or do you doubt? If you belief and do not doubt, you already know the truth. Faith works.

As attested to by the Gospels, debates with the scribes about the meaning of Scripture were an important part of Jesus’ public ministry. In any case, the rabbis used a literary form often used by the Gospel translators. Jerome spoke Hebrew and when he translated the Latin Vulgate Bible, he did it from the original Hebrew texts in order to get the proper understanding of the text. This resulted in an accurate interpretation and selection of the books contained in the canon of Scripture. This also explained the differences between literal and allegory language in Scripture and answers the textual integrity question of whether the Scriptures mean what they say.

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