Science Diet Dog Food – How To Prepare Natural Food For Your Dog

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Have you’ve ever seen the food they expect us to feed our dogs? Would you eat it? It doesn’t come close to resembling any of the chicken or beef meals I ever had. Most dog owners will read the label, but still don’t understand what ingredients are in the can. So we’re left to believe what’s written on the label. After some brands of dog food came up tainted, I decide it was time to do a little research. I become the science diet dog food guru and my poor dog became the tester. I started feeding my dog different natural foods until I came up with the right combination.

Even through dogs, as a species are carnivorous, they tend to be more scavengers by nature. Their body needs a variety of vegetation and protein to maintain a healthy diet. However, feeding your dog a balanced science diet dog food that includes both meat and vegetation is not easy. Most pet parents feed their dogs manufactured dog food is supposed to provide a balanced diet.  Manufactures have spent years in labs trying to create the correct formal that dogs need to live a long life. However, they forgot the most basic rule; natural foods work better on both the human body and your pets, than processed food. Most commercial dog food will add some form of vitamins and minerals. When you’re using natural ingredients the vitamins and minerals are already part of the food, and don’t need to be added.

One of the things I like most about using natural foods is that it’s easy to prepare. When you use natural science diet dog food make your own dog food you know exactly how much of each ingredient is going into the food. Because what we as consumers do always realize is that a large percentage of what’s in our dog food are filler products. Filler products; such as barley, soymeal, artificial colorings and flavorings, while these are not necessarily bad for your pet, they’re just not providing the nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life. I always feel like I’m feeding my dog some form of a science diet dog food experiment that I made in class. All I know is that my dog loves natural food and eats it right away. Compared to when I feed her canned food and she let it sit until she ready for it.

If you want to learn how to prepare natural, healthy food for your pet, here’s a great resource I’ve run accross recently. I think you’ll find the review below most helpful.

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