Quit Smoking in One Hypnosis Session

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Do you want to quit smoking? Are you curious about using hypnosis? Many people dismiss it as a smoking cessation program before they compare the facts. Studies show that it has one of the highest success rates, with eighty to ninety percent of people successfully quitting. There are other advantages, too. Compared to other programs, it’s inexpensive, quick, and has no known side effects. It’s natural and effective, helping you become a nonsmoker in as little as one session.

Let’s look at other cessation programs.  Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a popular choice, but it’s not cheap or fast.  It can cost over $800 and take over twelve weeks to finish.  Patches can cost over $200 and take six or more weeks.  Studies show that thirty percent of NRT users start smoking again.

There are also medications, clinics, inhalers, and more that can help people to stop.  Unfortunately, these methods can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, take months to complete, and include negative side effects.  With that in mind, many people look to natural ways to stop.

One natural aid includes acupuncture, which can usually take multiple sessions.  Depending on the practitioner, the cost ranges from fifty to a hundred dollars per session.  That can add up quickly, though it is a natural program.

One of the most effective ways is to use hypnosis, which helps you target your goals in a state of deep relaxation.  Most people can quit with only one hypnosis session.  Think about how much money and time you’ll save.

What’s involved in a smoking cessation session? Your therapist will ask you for background information, such as how long you’ve smoked, how many packs per day, other programs you’ve tried, and how committed you are to stopping.  Truly think about how much you want to quit.   Be truthful with the therapist, as he or she is a partner in your success.  You must be dedicated in your desire to be a non smoker.

Your hypnotherapist will make you comfortable in the session.  Using different techniques, he or she will help you relax both your mind and body.  You will not be asleep or unconscious.  You may feel sleepy, but you are aware and can hear your therapist’s voice.  Hypnosis allows you to address your subconscious, where your beliefs and habits live.  Instead of wrestling with the “will power”  of  your conscious mind, you can get to the root of the problem in your subconscious.  That’s the power of hypnosis, and one of the reasons that the program can work so quickly.

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