Public Speaking Bring down Your Company’s Insurance Premiums with Fleet Driver Training

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Here at Mike’s Way, we can help anyone to learn to drive and can work around the busy schedules of our students. On top of that, we can aid seasoned drivers to build on their existing skills on the road.

Among our acclaimed advanced training services is fleet driver training, which is a short course that enables professional drivers and company employees to further develop their road safety knowledge and learn different styles of driving.

Upon completion of the course, we issue a report to the driver and their company, which can be used to lower the employer’s vehicle insurance premiums. Practising good fleet driver management could save your company significantly on insurance costs, while helping to increase productivity and decrease accidents.

Safer drivers for your business

Our Fleet Driver Training is chiefly geared towards accident prevention and safer driving. We emphasise the key aspects of road safety and teach several different styles of driving.

This kind of additional training for professional drivers can make them much safer drivers and help to save money on both petrol and vehicle maintenance. Our fleet training also helps drivers to master economic driving skills so that they don’t needlessly expend too much fuel or wear their vehicle’s tyres away.

Having your staff undertake our training will assist in ensuring that they are competent drivers fit to drive in a professional capacity. Not only can our report help to reduce the amount you pay for insurance, but it can also assist in settling legal disputes if an accident were to occur.

Our report can also help your company to remain compliant and prove that your staff are proficient in their roles.

Cost-effective fleet driver training with Mike’s Way

Mike’s Way is delighted to be able to offer fleet driver training that can be instrumental in making your employees safer, less accident-prone drivers. You’ll thank us for the training that we can provide to slash your business’s insurance premiums!

It’s also worth pointing out that according to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, companies with more than five employees using their vehicle for work – including their own cars – must have a Road Safety Policy, otherwise the director could face a jail sentence in the event of a fatality caused by the driver. This further underlines the importance of your company doing everything possible to ensure that its employees are safe drivers.

Find out more about the advanced specialist training that we can offer to businesses by visiting our Advanced Extras page. Alternatively, simply give us a call, and we can give you a quote and help you to schedule the training at the times that work best for your company and its employees.

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