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Ok, so week one of the Summer holidays and how are you doing? Our two are at a summer camp this week but drop off is at 10am and pick up at 3.30pm (not ideal for us working parents!) so we are sharing a Student Nanny with my fellow commuter mum who I call BBC Sarah!

And she’s a rather impressive young lady – she’s studying medicine at Imperial College London and is one of eight children. So she’s pretty unphased by our chaos as she said to me tonight, ‘I often have my four nieces and nephews at the same time so I am used to it’. 

Given how often Monty hurts himself (she had to attend to an elbow graze yesterday) It’s also reassuring to have a future doctor on hand.

After she left tonight the kids and I watched Operation Ouch together on CBeebies, which seemed appropriate given that Minnie is now obsessed with all things doctor and has been quizzing our expert all afternoon.

I am not great with gore and I have to admit that I had to avert my eyes a few times – when they had to cut a boy’s finger open to let the puss out! OOOOOO! Minnie watched it no toubles! 

Minnie had lots of questions that she’ll have to save til she sees our medic Student Nanny tomorrow, but I was hugely impressed with one trick. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold both your arms out straight in front of you, palms pressing together, pointing forwards. 
  2. Move one hand onto the opposite elbow and rub furiously for a few minutes.
  3. Put your arms back straight, palms together and one arm will be longer than the other!

I tried to find it on YouTube but I think it’s brand new. Instead you can watch this one which I plan to try in the morning!

To find a smart Student Nanny in your area (we’ve got doctors, nurses, Spanish speakers, scientists, mathematicians, drama students, art students and all manner of other bright sparks) visit



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