Online Dating Profile Photos- Common Mistakes to Be Avoided

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So, you are right about to get involved in online dating! That’s a responsible and important decision that may bring you love and happiness by helping you find that special someone you have been looking for during your life. When the first joy and satisfaction from this decision go away, you will start thinking about the steps you should undertake. Actually, there is a lot you should do to make your online dating experience a success, but the first and the most crucial step is filling out and publishing a profile.

What makes the profile so important? The fact is that a profile is your “visiting card” that can make you stand out from the crowd or, on the contrary, stay unrecognized among dozens of other users. The result will depend on you, so, take your time to learn all the details of a dating profile you should fill out, think over your potential answers and information you are going to post and … start writing!

While many people think that filling out a dating profile is a simple step, this is not so. There are many nuances to be considered when accomplishing the task. Consequently, there are many problems you can encounter and mistakes you can make. This especially concerns the photos you choose for your profile. Some of these mistakes are mentioned below so that you could avoid them.

Cutting Faces From the Photos

Profile photos should be distinctive and of high quality. If you are not sure as to the way these photos should look like, you can browse through, for example, to find that out. You may be surprised to get to know that the quality of a photo may have positive or negative effect upon the general impression your potential conversation partner may get when exploring your profile. So, cutting out your face from the group photos is definitely not the best decision!

Group Photos Should Be Avoided

What is the reason that makes online dating photos important? We have partially answered this question in the previous point. Photos are a must to help other people recognize you in real life (if you decide to meet in reality) and imagine how you look like. This makes communication more effective and creates stronger relationships between people. For this very reason, posting group photos in online dating profiles should be avoided. Your date should spend time communicating with you instead of trying to identify who you are on the photo. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Avoid Using Photo Editors

Would you be glad to find out that your conversation partner has used a photo editor to make his/her photo look impressive and attention grabbing? This fact will hardly satisfy you. The same can be told about people, who will look at your photo! Anyway, you should understand that if your online messaging is a success and you decide to meet in real life, edited photos won’t bring positive results. On the contrary, they may spoil the impression and the way your date has imagined you before. This may eventually trigger negative dating results and frustration.

Posting Dull Photos

To make a good impression, the photos attached to your online dating profile should be cheerful and optimistic. Otherwise, they will not attract the attention of as many people as you would like it to be. By the way, one of the recent studies conducted by the British psychologists, revealed that men are more attracted to those profiles, which come with photos of smiling girls. And it is no wonder, because a smile is a symbol of optimism, good mood, happiness and positive life attitude. When you smile, you look great! So, keep smiling and making photos!

Not Publishing Photos At All

Posting a profile without a photo is simply inadmissible, when it comes to online dating! This is also true, if you are going to post a photo of your friend, celebrity, favorite pet or any other object. Such profiles seem unreliable and most people won’t even look through them. The fact that you conceal your face may mean that you are trying to conceal important information from your partner. No one wants to start relationships this way. So, if you are serious about your goals and wish to make your online dating experience stunning, pay special attention to the choice of the photo. Good luck!

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