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As we start a new year I am sure we all have the same best intentions about saving more and spending less, but in reality that can be a hard resolution to keep.  However, there are some great new ways to save money……

  1. Speak to your company’s HR department to see if they will divide your salary between two accounts – a current account and a savings account. By putting a percentage away each month BEFORE you get it in your hands means you’re less likely to spend it!
  2. Your kitchen is a big area for energy wastage but making some changes can cut your energy bills IN HALF! AppliancesDirect says that modern kitchen appliances use half of the energy (51%) than they did 15 years ago.  Therefore, spending money on an updated kitchen will actually help pay for itself.  If you can’t afford to replace all of your old appliances, fridge freezers should be top of the list as manufacturers have reduced the energy these appliances use by over 70%.  Another good money saver is to reduce the amount of time you use your main oven, especially for small portions or defrosting – use a microwave or halogen oven instead, or let frozen food defrost overnight.  Use your worktop appliances where possible – kettles, toasters and worktop grills are all more efficient ways to get the job done than using your hob or oven.
  3. Online shopping is WAY too easy when you have saved your credit card numbers online so go through your favourite online stores and delete the numbers right now! It means that whenever you go to make a purchase, you’ll have to consciously go and find your purse and input the numbers, giving you time to question whether the purchase is really necessary!
  4. Be prepared to downshift at the supermarket. You can buy own-brand products for half the price of branded goods and they taste just as good!  Don’t be put off by the stripped back packaging and names of some of the cheaper own brand ranges like Tesco ‘value’ or Sainsbury’s ‘basic’.  They are deliberately trying to make them less appealing to customers than the ‘finest’ or ‘premium’ packets.  However they are usually half the price and often taste just as good as the higher end items.  Website is a brilliant place to read about taste tests and ratings of own brand goods and mySupermarket also includes a ‘trade down’ option so you can see the alternatives to the branded products you have in your trolley.
  5. Did you know you can recycle empty printer cartridges for cash? Some sites can pay as much as £2!  Cash for Cartridges, Recycle Ink Cartridges and Infotone are all great places to go and compare prices.  Alternatively you can recycle with Tesco and earn up to 125 Clubcard points for each cartridge.
  6. Take the time to check your receipts. Sometimes not all of the 2 for 1 or BOGOF offers have been uploaded to tills and it means the discounts aren’t taken off your final bill and these missed offers can soon add up.  Therefore check your receipt immediately so that you can highlight any mistakes before you leave the store and ask for them to be rectified. Once you are home, it is harder to prove. If you use the self-scan machine as you shop, it should remind you about a special offer as you go around so that you don’t miss out on them AND you can keep track of the discounts as you go.
  7. Ditch eBay for selling your unwanted items and head over to Facebook to sell to your local community. There are NO fees, so you keep the profit and now, with ‘Marketplace’ on the Facebook app, it’s even easier.  High end items are harder to sell but things like personal gadgets, phones, kids’ stuff and furniture are ideal. 
  8. Make friends with your slow cooker as it is one of the best kitchen money savers around. It is cheap to run (it costs a THIRD of the price of using a conventional oven) and it can turn less expensive meats like shin or cheek into tasty, tender dishes. You can also make huge batches of food to freeze for later.
  9. Take care of your car and it will pay dividends in the long run! Properly inflated tyres can increase fuel efficiency by more than three per cent which means less money on petrol. Check tyres frequently with a tyre gauge to make sure they’re adequately pumped up.  Get rid of the junk in your boot too as a heavier car costs more to run. 
  10. If you want to get healthy AND earn cash then download the free Pact app. It is from America but there are plenty of UK users too.  Basically you have to commit to a specific goal, track your progress on the app and then you earn cash for meeting your goals. The downside is, if you fail to keep your commitment, you could have to pay rewards to the more dedicated users.  The app is broken down into three separate options: Veggie Pact, Gym Pact and Food Log Pact.  It is a great idea as long as you can keep to your pact! 

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