New obsession: Ted Baker’s flamingos…

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I have a few obsessions: pineapples, anything by David Attenborough, pick n mix, and FLAMINGOS. I literally can’t get enough flamingos. I have them all over my house: net curtains, candles, dishes, vases. And I have lots in my wardrobe too: on trousers, T-shirts and socks. 

But now I have a new obsession – Ted Baker’s flamingos! Yep, the British fashion label has completely won me over with this little capsule collection covered in those amazing pink birds. A shirt, T-shirt, backpack, even a pair of sliders! 

And there’s something about the bright pink set against the navy blue that makes this little lot look super luxe. Would it be weird to wear it all together? 

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try! 

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