Negative Emotions ARE Useful for Learning and Growth

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What is resistance? Negative emotions are resistance to something. Your subconscious mind resists circumstances and events for it’s own perceived protection, and negative emotions are the sign that this resistance is occurring. We are constantly experiencing resistance to aspects of our lives, from little things to significant things. I may feel hurt that my partner has not told me I look nice, the hurt is resistance to something – it could be that I have not been validated by my partner, and what does this imply? That I am unloved, unappreciated or perhaps unwanted. Negative emotion is always resistance to something that we don’t want in our reality, an idea that hurts us – emotions are triggered due to core beliefs. These core beliefs conflict with with what’s going on around us, we can’t handle it, we resist it. Therefore resistance is a signal for us to learn, heal and grow. But all too often, the proper action is not taken..

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