My Swingers Party Shame

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I went to a swingers party this week. Given my reputation you could be forgiven for thinking the worst at this point, but it’s not what you think.

The party was the launch of a brand-new lifestyle bar/club called Swingers in east London with a nine hole crazy golf course. Do you see what they did there?

Lauren F and I

Lauren FH and I at The Swingers Party

The venue is a uber-cool East London pop-up bar devised by a company called The Institute of Competitive Socialising – which is the brain-child of my friend Max Keble-White and has the basic premise that introducing a competitive activity to a bar/club helps break the ice to make new friends (girlfriends basically), and have fun times with old friends.


Me, Max, Charlie and Hugo

Fore! Me, Max KW, Charlie Morris and Hugo Taylor

I rocked up with old friends Hugo Taylor (he’s 25), and his business partner Charlie Morris, and the lovely Lauren Fraser-Hutton.


We teed off on the first hole and I immediately made the acquaintance of stunning new age singer Eurielle – she’s got amazing track out called Carry Me, which sounds like Enya meets the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, it’s perfect post club chill-out music.

Golf lesson 1

It’s Rude To Point – Giving a Golf Lesson to Singer Eurielle

There’s no doubt she’s got a sublime voice but her golf technique left a little to be desired. I told her she need to keep her legs apart and have a firm grip of the shaft. I gave instructions from behind on how to follow through correctly as well.


Golf lesson 2

Keep Legs Apart and a Firm Grip of the Shaft

The golf lesson was cut short when her boyfriend introduced himself. It seemed best at that stage to let Eurielle play through.

My game deteriorated somewhat at the half-way stage after some classic cocktails created by the Gentleman Jack bar-tenders were brought to us on the course by the amazing caddies who were dressed in golf outfits so garish that even pro-golfer Ian Poulter would think twice about wearing them. (BTW – I borrowed one of the caddy’s caps in these phtotos, and I made sure I gave it back afterwards).

Drinks Arrive

Charlie, Hugo, Unicorn, Me, Eurielle and Max KW far right

After the refreshments kicked in I dropped a triple bogey on the fifth hole on a tricky raised green, and then went two over-par on the sixth leaving me trailing badly. I made up some ground at the end and shot a birdie on the ninth and final hole, but to my shame I still came in joint last on 34 with Hugo (nine over par) and was soundly beaten by both Lauren and Charlie.

Club Moustaches

A Bit Early for Movember – Max KW and I With Club Taches

But the premise of the bar certainly worked and it’s a great venue to go on a date, but don’t forget if you are a gentleman you should always let your female company win. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

Lots of love,





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