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It’s not JUST fashion I’m crazy about… I’m mad about fragrances. I’m not talking Britney Spears Fantasy or Mugler’s Angel (although that one has a wonderfully nostalgic smell to it that reminds me of the ’90s). No. Nowadays I like the finer fragrances. I like those that smell complex, that have stories behind them. 

Long gone are the days when a few squirts of Jean Paul Gaultier would suffice. 

And today is National Fragrance Day, so I thought I’d just share a few of my favourite smells that are new(ish) to the market. Make sure you stop by somewhere to have a sniff of one of more of these! 


 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

He’s my favourite perfumer ever, with a catalogue of oh-so-gorgeous fragrances (his ouds are the best of the best), and new from Francis Kurkdjian is Aqua Celestia – the perfect spring/summer scent. Perfumers only dream of creating something so versatile as this, and so uniquely modern that everyone, and I mean everyone, will love it. Find me a man or woman who doesn’t love this in equal measure and I’ll be surprised. Fresh lime and mint mix perfectly with mimosa blossoms. This is an everyday fragrance that you’ll never get bored of, and unusually subtle for a perfumer who likes to pack a punch with his ingredients. Find it here.

MFK 70ml bottle & pack


Jo Malone – The Bloomsbury Set Collection

Everyones favourite London-based fragrance house has released a new collection… The Bloomsbury set, which takes inspiration from the group of artists who lived in Charleston House where they created art, music and poetry. Each fragrance brings to life moments or ‘things’ from Charleston House: Blue Hyacinth is inspired by the gardens, so think big beautiful blooms; Garden Lilies is inspired by the pond, so expect notes of water lilies, white musk and green sap – so light and delicate. And my favourite, Whisky & Cedarwood, is inspired by the late night soirees at the house. There’s rose, whisky and woody notes that come together in a heady, sexy scent. Find out more here. 

JML Bloomsbury Set Group Shot (1)


The Merchant of Venice – Rose Moceniga

I can’t put a list of fragrances together without adding in at least one rose scent. Rose Moceniga, the newest smell from The Merchant of Venice, is a delight for the nose. The Moceniga rose is a Chinese flower, and was imported during the Napoleon era. What hit me with this one is that it’s not a usual bouquet of roses smell… it’s much fruitier, which makes a welcome change. There’s lemon and magnolia in there too, so citrusy and sweet. And what’s more, the bottle is gorgeous! See it here. 



Vilhelm Parfumerie – Purple Fig

One reviewer likens this fragrance from the Vilhelm powerhouse to ‘feeling sunshine on your face on a perfect day’, which is actually spot on. It’s a brilliant spring-time scent, and great for everyday, but don’t think for a minute it’s just fig… it’s a lot more than that. Namely bursts of citrus, and moody woods too. It was actually inspired by a fig tree which was found in a street in Paris – random, I know, but it’s these things that spark an emotiveness for master perfumers! Find it here.





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