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London Underground fans, rejoice! Yet another amazing collaboration has come your way, and just in time for Christmas too… London Transport Museum, that Covent Garden building of amazingness, has teamed up with the Cambridge Satchel Company to produce some rather amazing bags and trunks! 

Cambridge Satchel Company aren’t shy of collaborating. You’ll remember when I gushed about their Vivienne Westwood collection, and what about the Melissa shoes, Peanuts, Comme des Garcons ranges? They’ve done it all! And now adding London Underground to the list. 


The iconic underground roundel is embossed into the soft leather of the satchels and trunks, making it an obvious yet subtle nod to the capital’s tube network, plus how amazing is this tube map, printed to the inside of all the satchels? It’ll make getting round the city easier, whilst being quirky at the same time. 

But it’s the trunks that are getting all my attention. That mustard yellow, with embossed roundels, and the moquette (literal translation:a thick pile fabric used for carpets and upholstery, but to you and I, it’s the instantly recognisable fabric on bus and tube chairs) version that is oh-so-standout.


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Don’t worry, the satchels come in more understated colours, for those who don’t want to stand out too much, but still up for carrying a piece of London Underground history: black, grey, brown and green.


If you have a chance, I implore you to visit the museum, it’s actually amazing, even if you aren’t a mad underground fan, the nostalgia alone is enough to make you smile. And you’ll definitely leave with something from the shop – just a warning. 

See more from this exclusive collaboration here. 

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