Mummy Felstead Takeover: Pamper Day with the CACI Microlift

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This week there’s going to be a Mummy Felstead take-over of the beauty blog and with Mother’s Day on the horizon, I suppose I can hardly say no to this.

Mummy, aka Jane, went down to Duck & Dry blow-dry salon in Kings Road a short while ago to have her hair done and tried out a CACI Microlift treatment at the same time. Here’s her blog on the subject.



At my age it’s so important to have a good skin care routine.  I was taught at a very early age by my mother to look after my skin.

I have always used good skin care products to look after my skin. I cleanse, then I apply an eye serum and a face serum, and then I apply a night cream, and then I repeat that again in the morning.

But I’d really like to treat the lines around my mouth and all the bits around my jawline and neck which are dragging down a bit with age – but I’m keen only to use non-invasive treatment which is why I want to see if these CACI microlift gadgets really work.


Jane Felstead having CACI Treatment 1

Getting my CACI Microlift treatment


So the science bit is that the product works by sending a electrical microcurrent through the four prongs on the device into the muscles under the skin to tone and tighten.

You can also open the prongs so it grips the flesh around the mouth which targets the wrinkles there – I could feel it stimulating the muscles and tightening. And then there’s an eraser technique where you just move the CACI Microlift up and down your chin and forehead with the four prongs together, which slowly erases your lines.


Jane Felstead having CACI Treatment 2

The CACI Microlift instantly reduces lines and wrinkles


There’s also an amazing amino lift serum to use before and after the treatment which contains advanced amino acids and plant derived peptides which reduce facial expression lines.

I’ve got to say I was a bit skeptical about it prior to trying the treatment but I could really see the difference. My skin looked so much better especially around the mouth, it was much softer and there were fewer lines – it really did work and this was just after one treatment.


Jane Felstead after CACI and hair treatment

Ta-dah! Feeling fab after my blow dry and CACI treatment


You are meant to do this for 15-20 minutes about 3 times a week alongside the CACI Amino Lift serum, which you can use just in the places that you need.

Either the CACI Amino Lift serum, or if you are being generous the CACI Microlift itself (£350, would make a lovely Mother’s Day present.



The perfect Mother’s Day gift: CACI Microlift, £350 at Harrods


Happy Mother’s Day to all you fellow mummies out there!

Jane x


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L-R: Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes, Bluebella Satin Kimono, Clean Fragrance


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Binky x

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