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This is a motivational video for success in hindi is revolving around path to success and success mantra of the this motivational video is importance of self improvement or self development in life. Please listen and share , success mantras , if you like it .then read my books as well 1)Success is a State of Mind 2) Softwares of Positive thinking 3)The Game called Life. These are self help , motivational books , written by me . Motivational videos uplift the mood . try these mantra of success –
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There are many people -who have asked me this question that
Am I a motivational speaker ?
answer is no , I am not a motivational spekaer . There are many good motivational speakers in india . I have gone through the seminars of motivational speakers in India and strongly suggest that you attend such motivational seminars . I have attended many motivational seminars and read many motivational books . I am a fan of Shiv Khera and did attend his 3day workshop -blue print for success . Similarly I am impressed with Sandeep Maheswari also .I am neither a motivational speaker nor I have any intention to do that . I just want to use the platform of YouTube to spread motivational message , success mantra using this channel -Motivational videos in Hindi . This Book is available online on Flipkart ––&_r=RsuiHvNUWzIGQmMYN5OGLg–&ref=f919fdbe-3e4b-4f1a-918e-bbe4b73709bf

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