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Every person in your life was destined to be with you. It was never in your powers to stop someone from being a part of your life. It was God’s wish that you accompany some people in your life and so you did, and not always out of compulsion but also because you wanted to be with them in good and bad times. It was you who loved those people and let them be with you, otherwise they would have ceased to be a part of your life.

Every relationship is bound by love. Love is the only factor that keeps people together. But things do not remain the same all the time. Each relationship goes through ups and downs and faces challenges of staying together even in most hardest of times. After all we are human and humans tend to fall apart at times; but instead of leaving the any relationship diseased, it should be treated with timely concern. An estranged relationship can be taken care of by taking professional help in form of marriage counselling or relationship counselling.

When you go for a marriage counselling or relationship counselling, you discuss all your problems with an expert who can guide you through all the tough times and suggest appropriate measures to protect your relationship from falling apart. All that you will need to do, while taking a marriage counselling or relationship counselling, is to speak out, and give a vent to all your suppressed feeling. You will need to share everything that has ever pinched you in your relationship truthfully so that the counsellor is able to analyse your problem minutely and suggest measures accordingly.

Under marriage counselling or relationship counselling, both you and your spouse are interviewed separately as well as together and the various reasons for the probable estrangement are discussed. Both of you are given equal opportunity to discuss your side. Nobody is favoured because it’s never one person’s mistake that things do not work out. Both the partners are equally responsible for not being responsive to each other’s needs and necessities.

If you had ever loved a person with complete heart, you will not easily let go of that person. Fighting back for that something beautiful that you had between you is worth it if that could be healed in a way that gives you happiness and kindles that old love and respect for each other once again.


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