Making your relationship REAL in 2017

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Soon we will say goodbye to 2016, and for many this is the time of year think about new year resolutions. I want to propose an alternative to the usual resolutions of working less or getting fitter. In 2017 you need to make your relationship REAL. Just like all new year resolutions this will take some effort and commitment. The advantage of a real relationship is that the benefits will be there long after you have forgotten the other resolutions.

Your aim in 2017 is to transform your relationship into something better than ever before. You are going to do it for each other, not to impress your followers on social media nor to brag about your partner. You are going to do this solely for the person you love.

Let’s get too it, the fundamentals of a REAL relationship are simple, during 2017 your relationship needs to be:

Respectful When you start replacing preconceived judgement with a new willingness to understand, you will open yourself to countless new opportunities. Imagine that in 2017 you start getting a proper understanding of why your partner does certain things. Can you feel the frustration drifting away?

Differing opinions in relationships are good, remember that everyone (including you) does do some frustrating things. Fortunately, now that you realise that frustration creates a chance to talk, you can turn any situation into another chance to get to know one another.

Equal This is the 21st century. No one is in charge in a relationship. That said, both partners need to put in efforts to keep the balance. But that does not necessarily mean both partners doing everything at the same time.

There will be days when life gets in the way of balance, your role in 2017 is to make sure that if you miss a day, you make it up the next day.

Appreciative Instead of counting anniversary gifts or the few romantic date nights, start counting the daily positives. Dinner or emptying the dishwasher doesn’t happen by itself. And although your partner knows that, they will feel much more special when you tell them.

Waiting for the big events to compliment puts relationships on hold. When you start acknowledging the small things, the relationship grows daily. Simply because each day holds countless chances to be thankful.

Loving Without love, relationships become hollow. Use 2017 to reconnect with your spouse. Hold hands, flirt and make the time for one another. Get the sparks back into your relationship by taking the time to know one another.

Remember that love everyone interprets love differently, and those things that worked years ago, may no longer have the desired effect. By finding out what makes you feel loved, you’ll have everything you need to fill up your love tanks. Let’s get it done So, are you ready to start? Fantastic! Get going now, why would you ever want to wait until January? Forget about long-term goals of happiness and passion. Your relationship can start getting better today.

The values of REAL relationships are simple. Anyone is capable. While it won’t happen by itself, the real magic happens when 2 people commit to increase their passion and with it take their relationship higher and further than ever before.

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