Major Wedding Trends for Fall 2016

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With the fall wedding season fast approaching you will want to be up to date on the current trends. Planning a wedding can be very time consuming and stressful, being up to date on the current looks will help you to be more organized in making your decisions.

There are so many things to choose when planning a wedding from colors to decorations to food and desert. With so many decisions to make and trends changing so quickly you want to have all of the best information to know what is popular at the time of your wedding.

Wedding Colors

You may have been thinking about your wedding and what colors you would like it to be since you were a little girl; however, those colors just may not be what are in anymore.

Popular wedding colors for 2016 include shades of cranberry, brick, dark green, gray-blue, and other shades that add richness and depth to your wedding. Charcoal gray is one of the most popular neutrals for fall weddings adding sophistication to your wedding scheme.

In case you think that fall wedding colors are only dimmer shades, bursts of bright and cheerful colors are also among the top trends for fall wedding combinations. To see more of the popular wedding colors for 2016 click here.


Minimalistic dcor is becoming one of the latest wedding decoration trends. Much wedding dcor is being toned down this year, instead of having gigantic centerpieces that block your guests view and throwing thousands of dollars into flower arrangements.

Minimalism generates an ambiance that is natural and effortless and is quickly becoming what many brides want.

Clear crystals have been a wedding dcor staple for many years, now jewel-toned crystals are a top trend for weddings this fall. They will add sparkle and gorgeous shades like sapphire and burgundy, or even oranges and yellows.

Every bride wants to create a romantic setting for their wedding, and lighting is the key. Using pendant lights, chandeliers, and candelabras to cast a soft glow is what is trending this year.

To create a more intimate feel couples are going away from large round tables at the reception. Instead choosing for long tables or rectangular tables, they may also use a mix of both.

As far as flowers go a lot of brides are going with whatever is in season and locals that are growing traction. The wild look is in, these bouquets and centerpieces would include a mixture of large and small blossom of more than one color. They may also use spiky flowers or fruiting vines.

Some are shying away from using flowers at all. Blossoming plants and blooming branches are becoming the focal point of some centerpieces. Every table does not have to look the same either.

The Cake

Your wedding cake could be inspired by anything, whether it is the dcor you have chosen or the beautiful design of your venue. There are various types of wedding cake ideas for 2016. Some of the hot wedding cake trends for 2016 are:

  • Metallic Cakes
  • Ruffled Cakes
  • Naked Cakes
  • White-on-white Cakes
  • Painted Cakes
  • Lace Cakes
  • Woodland Cakes
  • Geometric Cakes
  • Rosette Cakes
  • Sugar Flower Bouquet Cakes
  • Illustrated Cakes
  • Ombre Cakes
  • Buttercream Cakes
  • Wedding Cake Trio and Quintet Tables
  • Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

If none of those appeal to you and like to keep things a little more simple you can opt for a smaller cake and have a second string of dessert for your guests. A hot pick for fall weddings is everyone’s seasonal favorite – pie!

The Dress

When it comes to picking your dress you want it to be perfect and you will want to know what the latest trends and styles are. Body veils, capes, and feathers are all popular trends for fall wedding dresses. If you like to keep things a bit more modest off the shoulder and cap sleeve dresses are among the favorites as well.

Brides are also dressing up their wedding dress with a fur. Instead of weighing it down like other winter coats, fur accessories can add the movie-star glam to your bridal look. You will want to be sure to keep the style of your dress in mind when picking out a coat.

To make your look perfect for you on your special day you will want to choose the right hairstyle. Whether you have a veil or just a simple head piece there are so many hairstyles for long hair and both short to choose from.

Once you have your dress picked it is time to pick your bridesmaids dresses. While mix matched dresses is not a new trend to 2016 it is still quite popular. Whether you choose your bridesmaids to wear totally different dresses or different styles from the same designer, this will allow your bridesmaids to feel more at ease in what they are wearing.

Bridesmaids wearing different colors or varying fabrics is also a trend that has stuck around for the 2016 wedding season.

There are some trends that are diminishing like ombre dresses and head to toe glitter dresses. All dcor and dresses in soft and romantic hues are on their way out as well.

Bridal trends do tend to overlap more from season to season than everyday fashion trends. If there is a certain style that you are absolutely in love with go for itFeature Articles, no need to worry about it is in or out!

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