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Love.Now Music Video | Kute Blackson

About the CD |
Love.Now is a unique musical experience, conceived by a visionary in the field of personal development and transformation Kute Blackson. It is designed to make your soul groove, inspire your heart, light up your life, and bliss your body.
Along with respected music producer, Alex Gibson, Kute has created a dynamic experience, sure to change your life, and elevate your consciousness, with every listen.

Each track is designed to take you on a journey, to get you to question reality, and to keep you inspired amidst the intensity of life. Lyrics and music weave together in a seamless dance, effortlessly reminding you of the most essential truths of life. Love.Now is packed with deep wisdom, yet is like 'dessert' for the soul. Your soul is sure to celebrate.
Blending electronic, pop, rock, and hip hop, with a touch of funk. "" defies classification and pioneers a whole new genre.
The CD is a sweet retreat amidst the routine of life, providing a moment to: Switch In, Unplug, Bliss out, and Get high.
It is time to Love Now .

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