Kate Chruscicka – She is an Award Winning Wedding Pianist from London

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Hire Kate Chruscicka for your wedding entertainment and you’ll discover that this award winning wedding pianist has incredible talent. People who have hired Kate say that there are no words that can do her justice, and that she is a quality addition that no wedding is complete without.

Kate – she’s Musically Gifted

Getting a degree in music may well give you knowledge about rhythm and pitch but everyone who sits and listens to Kate can see she is musically gifted and has a natural talent.

Stylish and appealing, Kate understands the different styles and genres of music. She’s ready to delight with all your favourites, from Handels Messiah to funky tap-your-feet lounge-bar pieces. She has a generous play list which cleverly blends with her spirited performances. You’ll quickly discover that Kate is in a class of her own.

Watching Kate is an exhilarating experience. Her performances have taken her across the UK, into Europe and across the world. Wedding entertainment with Kate is backed by her fantastic repertoire and her preparedness. No performance has ever been a let-down with Kate and she comes prepared to handle calamities like when there is a sudden power failure.

Kate will Warm the Cockles of Your Heart

Comfortable in formal- as well as informal settings, comfortable with young and old audiences and comfortable with the full spectrum of music choices, Kate is for real. Pop-, classic-, jazz-, Latin-, hip hop-, folk-, R&B music- you name it, Kate plays it. Professional violinist and pianist, it makes sense to choose wedding entertainment London that adds a special touch.

Combine a highly talented wedding pianist with a wedding string quartet and be prepared for gooseflesh stuff. From romantic to wistful to upbeat to nostalgic, Kate playing solo or with her entourage is guaranteed to warm the cockles o your heart

Kate is no stranger to music – she was brought up in a family of musicians, being influenced by pop, jazz and soul. With such broad experience, she caters to a wide variety of events and is in demand at weddings, corporate events and private functions.

Invest in Amazing Memories

Planning a wedding with the right entertainment is an investment in fabulous memories. Take into consideration the size of your wedding, your entertainment needs and of course your budget. Kate may be just one element of your wedding, but she’ll make a big difference to it. It goes without saying – get the music right for your wedding entertainment and the results for your special day will be automatically perfect.

Wedding is the best memorable moment of your life. Wedding entertainment should be special for this special occasion. To make this event special choose the right wedding music player.

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