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Global private jet company, EliteJets approached me last year to partner up and provide unique, unparalleled designs for their Royal and UHNW client’s private jets and VIP airliners. EliteJets are highly respected in the business and liked the fact that I have an unconstrained, innovative approach producing outlandish designs perfectly meeting their clients taste and style.

G650 front on

Previously aviation interiors were drab, bulky and dark incorporating masses of beige and browns, heavy fabrics and surfaces such as woods, precious metals, crystal and glass and I was determined to change this unexciting, tedious interior still seen throughout the business.

This aircraft  (the Airbus A340 not the aircraft in the top photo I hasten to add!) was designed for a particular client from the Middle East so his preferred design was somewhat opulent. He loved gold, vibrancy, and a style of grandeur and as that was my brief, I let my design run with just that!

The styling had to be the best of everything, the best leathers, most beautiful chandeliers, but also meeting weight restraints on aircraft, so care had to be taken not to use too many heavy materials such as the marble tables that were veneers not solid, to keep the aircraft lighter.

The main salon in gold was a dream to design. I wanted strip lighting and a runner of gold leaf running down the middle of the flooring, to lead you towards the glamorous bar. The aircraft walls were 24k gold plated in segments, and the gold leather on the chairs was of the highest standard.

The bar needed to be illuminated, with a slight twist on an art deco design style, mainly because it had the right amount of chicness and style.

Plane interior6k-REVISED BAR 2

Lots of seating was a “must” for this client, but rather than incorporating lots of aircraft style seating, I decided to go more for the comfort and look of an exclusive residential property.

The bedroom needed to ooze luxury but at the same time, I wanted it to feel cool and calm as well as being a quietly seductive environment. Lighting was the key here, and I chose midnight blue as the dominating colour scheme which looks sophisticated and chic.

Finally the bathroom, the shower alone cost $1million, the technology is expensive on aircraft, but the icing on the cake was the sink and loo seat, both of which were solid gold!   The client loved it!

Plane interior6k-REVISED

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