Japanese fallen leaves art is taking Instagram by storm

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It’s not only cherry blossom season that showcases the beautiful colours of Japan. 

Autumn has provided the perfect canvas for locals across the country to cheer up the pavements with incredible leaf art.

‘Ochiba’ or ‘fallen leaf art’ has taken social media by storm with countless visitors and natives snapping Instagram pictures for their feeds.

Yellow autumn leaves lend themselves perfectly to Pokemon’s most famous character Pikachu

These vibrant red leaves helped this Instagrammer create a crescent moon-shape

It’s no secret that Hello Kitty is popular in Japan – so much so that someone made the character out of leaves

This celebration of the vibrant shades of autumn has seen artistic locals create staggering designs of characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty and Pikachu made completely out of leaves.

While some leaf artists have gone for simple designs others have crafted intricate patterns of wreaths and butterflies.

Young and old alike are getting in on the natural artwork trend with children pictured next to cartoonish animal outlines and older citizens sprucing up their driveways with the designs. 

Others have created large flowers or crescent moons out of the pretty red, yellow, orange and green autumn leaves.

Tourists normally flock to Japan to see spring’s blossom season but this new trend means they’ll be rewarded with photogenic sights if they visit in the autumn too

Some leaf artists used the leaves to their full potential using all of the pretty autumn colours

Creative: These leaf artists made Winnie the Pooh out of foliage

This Instagrammer brought the leaves inside to create this amazing fire-breathing dragon

The trend has been sweeping the internet almost as fast as the leaves have touched the ground with the artistic displays shared on social media alongside the hashtag #fallenleaves.

While some people are using leaves to make shapes others are using them to decorate sketches that they’ve already scrawled on the street.

Another popular design was Totoro, one of Japan’s favourite cartoon characters from the 1988 film My Neighbour Totoro.

Love hearts were also particularly popular among the leaf artists. 

 Some are using the leaves to decorate sketches that they’ve already scrawled on the street

Pretty love hearts made out of leaves have appeared all over Japan and are showcased on Instagram and Twitter

Hearts are probably one of the most popular shapes for leaf art and come in all colours

The trend gives the dying leaves a final lease of life and cheers up pavements and streets 

Guaranteed to make you smile: This joyful yellow artwork brightens up the ground

People are using leaves to create all kinds of art from the intricate to the simple 

A bouquet of leaves? Not your traditional flower display but just as beautiful 

No one’s sweeping these leaves away: The Japanese are making full use of the fallen leaves 


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