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I turned 42 today and have enjoyed doing absolutely nothing! James had a moan saying that I organise too much every weekend so why have I not arranged anything for my birthday but I was very happy to do nothing.

Minnie was more excited about my birthday that me so she was up early this morning blowing up balloons and arranging cakes – I came down at 7.15am to find presents, biscuits (baked by the kids with the help of our wonderful Student Nanny!), balloons and cards. We had home-made pizza in the garden for lunch, visited my folks and great local friends this afternoon and I may have nodded off on the sofa during the Wimbledon final – what luxury!


Part of the reason for the enforced slow down was that the past few days I have hurt myself quite a lot – I hit my head on the boot of the car, hit my head on a low hanging metal lampshade in a cafe, accidentally walked into the top of the bannister (which was where it always was)  and think I broke my toe, and then to top it all I fell up some car park stairs and scraped my hand and handbag.

I think it’s probably a combination of tiredness, stress and bad co-ordination!

Either way it has done us all good to have a quiet weekend – the kids are knackered too. Although Monty was a bit miffed at bedtime when he said, ‘Mummy, it’s your birthday and you haven’t given us any goody bags!’

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