Is drinking charcoal the key to curing festival fatigue? Blixen serves up hangover helpers at Latitude.

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The morning after: Botanic Lab juices served up at Blixen’s Latitude pop-up (PC: Instagram/thisisdazy)


It’s easy for normal food and drink rules to go out of the window at a festival.


You might be a green juice and courgetti kind of gal in the real world, but a few cider-soaked days in a field can turn the healthiest eaters into feral foodies. Where else is a packet of Mini Cheddars and a pint considered an acceptable breakfast option?


Hallelujah then for the Blixen tent at Latitude where alongside five star fry-ups the team were serving healing juices to flagging partygoers.



The night before: Dramatic skies as the Blixen DJs prepare to party at Latitude (PC: Instagram/Ms_ToniJones)


The morning-after-pick-me-ups from the Botanic Lab included the ginseng-laced ‘Immunity’ and the serious-looking Refuel, which featured charcoal, sugar cane and citrus to ‘cleanse, reload and rebalance.’


Activated charcoal is the latest hangover-busting ingredient to be added to juices or taken as a shot the morning after a large night out. The idea is that the charcoal – famed for its detoxifying properties and used in medicine since Victorian times – is able to absorb toxins and pollutants and stop any more entering your blood stream.


Other benefits are said to include glowing skin, less bloating and fresh breath. And who doesn’t need that two days into a festival?


Blixen Shamans-2

Hangover helpers: The Blixen shamans


The Blixen team told me: ‘Botanic Lab’s juices were a huge hit – their charcoal lemonade restored many a soul every morning, along with our pints of Berocca.  Spicy Bloody Marys also seemed to do the trick, especially by the time Sunday came round!’


And they might look gross, but the inky potions did actually work a treat at restoring the DetoxRetox energy levels after several rather excitable nights in the woods.


So much so that we were able to return to the tent just hours later to try out a few of Blixen’s real signature drink, The G,G&T (the gin, grapefruit and tonic), which I can also recommend for its magical energy-giving properties.


Likey? Botanic Lab juices are made in London but can be delivered nationwide. Blixen restaurant is now open in Spitalfields, East London, for awesome brunch, stylish sharing plates and lots of gin-based cocktails.



The night after: A G,G&T to get the party started (again)







50ml Xoriguer Mahon Gin

20ml Grapefruit and coriander cordial

150ml Fever Tree tonic water

Orange wedge   




Build gin and cordial in goblet glass, top with tonic at the table  


  • Latitude festival will be back in Henham Park for summer 2016


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