Is a Frozen Roof Dangerous?

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As we come closer to the end of the year, the weather starts to get colder, and some locations begin to ice up. With Christmas just around the corner, business owners will want to avoid any repair bills for their corporate buildings. We take a look at ice build up and how it affects a building’s structural support.

Unfortunately, in some cases, you may not be aware of any damages to your building as a result of ice build-up. The frozen water, can act as a bond between faults and hold certain items in place, preventing from any immediate damages. However, if this does happen, it can be extremely dangerous.

We all know that when rain falls, in sits on flat roofing, becoming completely stagnant. We usually have to wait for warmer weather to help evaporate it or business owners will employ a roofing specialist to help remove it and prevent damage repairs.

When the water sits on the roof, it is dangerous enough and adds additional weight to the building structure. However, when the water becomes frozen it add even more weight, increasing the chances of damages and a potential collapse.

When you notice ice building up on roofing, you should make the site management team aware as soon as possible so they can act accordingly. An excellent way to protect a roof from damp damage or water damages is to waterproof it.

Waterproofing can be completed by roofing contractors through the application of liquid roof coatings.

Elevation Maintenance are a professional roofing contractor and specialise in the protection and ongoing maintenance of commercial buildings and roofing systems.

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