I Am Here – What is My Purpose?

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Many people have undoubtedly asked themselves what their purpose in life is. Others go through life without any purpose–drifting aimlessly–seeking instant gratification. A fortunate few discover their purpose in life at a young age.

I believe that having a mission in life should be a person’s main purpose for living. Without a mission, a mission that an individual pursues with excitement and passion–life often turns into drudgery–a drudgery that haunts the individual day after day.

Some people live with single-minded purpose. They sacrifice everything to accomplish their mission in life. Single-mindedness has it benefits. The ability to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else may get the job done. However, is this the best method for a life of happiness and fulfillment? Maybe, maybe not.

In the book “Harmonic Wealth” James Arthur Ray convincingly proves that a dynamic life results from mastering what he calls the “five pillars of Harmonic Wealth.” They are financial, relational, spiritual, mental and physical. A lack of harmony in any of these pillars could upset the whole apple cart of a successful life.

A major purpose in life is crucial for personal success and fulfillment. However, a journey–a journey where an individual experiences pleasure, ecstasy and joy–is made up of many “small purposes.”

Day by Day

Countless moments make up a person’s life. A journey is taking one step at a time. Are your days joyful, rewarding experiences? Or are they episodes of pain, despair and drudgery–days that vanish into the past–never relived, except in the darkness of your mind–days you could have filled with pleasure and ecstasy.

Do you live for your own sake or are your days controlled by the wishes and desires of others? Have you been brainwashed by the anti-life philosophy of altruism and because of that you live a selfless life of emptiness and despair. Or are you one of those individuals who believe and practice rational selfishness–trading value for value–giving pleasure and ecstasy to others and receiving an unlimited bounty in return? Are you able to give without measure because life gives back so much that your “cup runneth over?”

Yes, purpose is a daily affair. It is:

1. Enjoying your relationships. Each conversation, holding hands while watching television, hugging your child, soaring to your favorite music, a sip of your favorite beverage, gazing in your lover’s eyes, lips meeting, tongues touching and bodies and spirits finally joining as one. I’d say this was living with purpose–many magical purposes.

2. Taking care of your body. Without health you may have some difficulty enjoying many of the experiences you take for granted. Eating the correct combination of fats, carbs and proteins and having a daily exercise program means that you are living everyday with purpose. And admiring the sensuous, sexy person you have become—.

3. Mental Stimulation. Reading important non-fiction books instead of allowing your life to waste away in front of the television is definitely purposive behavior that is not only enjoyable in the present, but will create great benefits down the road. Even reading books of fiction is much better than wasting away in front of the television set. By the way I’m not anti-television. Relaxing and watching some television and possibly snuggling with your mate is relaxing and enjoyable.

4. Spiritual Awareness. One of most pleasurable activities you will ever indulge in is meditation. The world presents many obstacles and blocks to your success and happiness. In fact, all the unpleasant, horrible news stories the media so gleefully feeds you is enough to cause you to become angry and frightened. You unhappily discover that you are alienated from others. You feel like a disconnected being, although you are a unique individual who deserves to feel connected to all there is. Meditation helps you realize and experience the ultimate truth about existence–that we are all one. If you don’t believe me just ask a quantum physicist to explain it all.

5. Financial Planning. How thrilling it is to know that you are capable of taking everyday actions–actions that result in you achieving financial independence. You may not have a lot of money now, but you are living a dynamic life, saving money through self-discipline and improving your skills every day of your life.

As you can see all the above is living with purpose.

Year after Year

When the New Year arrives do you perform an analysis of where you’ve been the past year and where you are going? Are you experiencing success in the five pillars? Did you fill each day with pleasure, ecstasy and joy? Or do you sadly realize that another year has passed? You don’t know what happened to it–and you are confused, suffering pangs of disillusionment?

Was New Year’s Eve a celebration of love, life and laughter–a joyful celebration of your existence? Or did you drink yourself to oblivion–pretending happiness and good cheer? Was your New Year’s Day hangover the beginning of another year of aimlessly drifting without purpose–living a life of quiet desperation?

The years move quickly by. As I write this we are already in the 2nd half of 2008. Has this been a rewarding, enjoyable year up to now? If not, it isn’t too late to turn things around.

Think about a football game. Often a team may have a pitiful first half. They go into the locker room, regroup and charge out onto the field–beginning the second half with new vigor and determination. They shut down the other team’s offense (obstacles and blocks) and start scoring touchdowns (achieving goals and desires). They win the game.

Living day by day with purpose. Enjoying the pleasures and ecstasies of life. And celebrating the joy of your existence each day is what creates a great year.

Ultimate Purpose

Hopefully you have discovered your ultimate purpose in life–you are thrilled to have a grand mission to perform. You realize that all the daily purposes in life–the activities that make life worthwhile–eventually result in the accomplishment of your ultimate purpose.

The happiest discovery is that your journey revealed to you all the joys, pleasures and ecstasies of life. Your ultimate purpose consisted of savoring the small purposes along the way. These added up to manifesting your ultimate purpose–and you have the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished your mission.

So when you think “I am here” and you ask yourself the question “What is my purpose?” you know that it is experiencing all the different facets of everyday life– and discovering the pleasures and ecstasies life has to offer. Each day you celebrate the joy of your existence.

You may wonder what happens after you accomplish your ultimate purpose. Well, I have good news for you. You begin another wondrous journey–a new journey in a never-ending series of journeys through all eternity.

Here’s an insight to guide you through all of your days. “I exist. Therefore I experience the joy of my existence.”

Robert A. Meyer has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics for 30 years. He realizes there are basic principles of Human Action that will help you become successful. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to discover “The Libertarian Way.” He experiences its many pleasures and ecstasies on a daily basis.

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