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How to Live on 24 Hours A Day – FULL Audio Book by Arnold Bennett
– In this classic book of motivational writing, British author Arnold Bennett explains how to live a life of purpose and meaning filled with daily self-improvement. Each of has 24 hours to spend, but what we choose to do with that equal allotment makes all the difference in what we become and how we live. Every daily choice affects who we are and who we become. This is a great guidebook to encourage you to live the life you want to live!

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Chapter listing and length:

00 – Preface 11:15
01 – The Daily Miracle 7:25
03 – The Desire to Exceed One's Programme 7:04
03 – Precautions Before Beginning 7:03
04 – The Cause of the Troubles 7:13
05 – Tennis and the Immortal Soul 7:44
06 – Remember Human Nature 6:43
07 – Controlling the Mind 6:57
08 – The Reflective Mood 7:17
09 – Interest in the Arts 6:44
10 – Nothing in Life is Humdrum 6:37
11 – Serious Reading 7:22
12 – Dangers to Avoid 7:16

Read by Mark F. Smith
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