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We did some lounging around this morning (them, not me, I was washing, tidying, living the dream – I am off work this week!) then we went to a friends’ for lunch and then all trooped off to see the Emoji movie which the kids all loved.

We kept it cheap by bringing our own popcorn (Tesco does a value pack of small bags of salted and sweet) and fun-sized bags of Chocolate Buttons, Minstrels and Haribo bought from the supermarket at £1 each which the kids divvied up to put in little bags that they labelled with their names (excellent counting and writing practice!), plus we took our own water – a fraction of the cost of the cinema counter!

The movie was actually quite funny, James Cordon is great as the voice of one of the lead characters but two out of three mums did nod off at one point!



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