How to GLO UP / self improvement 101

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Lets all glo up together! 👊
I’m going to be covering a wide range of stuff here, so I tried to go through everything quickly (so that I didn’t have an hour long video) but if you would like a Part 2 with more tips, or if you have any questions, comment them down below!

ALL the details…..

Google “hairstyles for _____ face shape” to find lots of styles that will flatter your face!
For hairstyles, some of my favourite easy and flattering hairstyles (for when you’re running late) are here:

If you practice a few of these until you can do them quickly, you’ll never have a bad hair day again 😉

Learn 3 different makeup styles that flatter your face and your style- do some searching on youtube for
1. A natural makeup tutorial (also called “no makeup makeup”), for if your school or family doesn’t allow you to wear too much.
2. A glam makeup look, or something you want to pull off for an event (eg: prom, going out, a party)
3. Something you can wear every day. If you have hooded eyes, or acne scarring, or something specific on your face you want to disguise, try searching for specific makeup techniques. Experiement with colours- blondes look more natural with brown eyeliner instead of black, purple eyeshadow enhances green eyes, colour correcting creams can neutralise dark circles or scars. Youtube has all the answers 🙂

The products I find work for combatting oil and ance are: Lush cleansers, witch hazel (to use as a toner), papaya soap.
The science behind how dairy causes acne:
“Dairy is scary”- the industry explained in 5 minutes:

Warpaint natural teeth whitener (100% vegan and not tested on animals of course!)
*note: they sent this to me, but I made sure to test it for a month to see if I liked it- and I do!! I’m not being paid in any way, and my opinions are always 100% my own 🙂 one pot lasts 3 months+ (you only need a tiny bit)

101 Reasons to go vegan (the video that made me go vegan overnight)
Ethics (the animals)- watch Earthlings
Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky
The environmental benefits- watch Cowspiracy
(its produced by Leonardo di caprio 😉
Your health
Watch – Forks over knives
TED talk by Melanie Joy
If you have any questions about where to start, feel free to message me, details below!

If you want to change your bone structure (particularly for how to get a sharper jawline, prominent cheekbones or a more symmetrical face) check out facial yoga:

Tough Falim chewing gum:

Learn how to code:
Start a youtube channel (muchelleb / channelnotes series):
Duolingo (for learning languages):

Which one are you? I’m and INFJ 🙂
Quiet by Susan Cain (every introvert needs to read this, it lowkey changed my life)

Look no further than the Kon Mari Tidying method (aka ‘The lifechanging magic of tidying’ by Marie Kondo)
See my all about my bullet journal:
How to bullet journal:

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