How it feels being in love?

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This article talks about how does one feel when he/she is in love! How their behaviour changes during this time and what all factors are responsible for this change in behaviour.

When you meet someone and starts falling for them. When you feel something never before. When you badly want to talk with someone. When you starts revealing all your secrets with someone. When you start to feel music in your ears like in the typical Bollywood movies of SRK. When you feel butterflies in your stomach. You are in love my friend. “Love” it can’t be explained it is just a feeling. Being in love is the best feeling in the world.
Love it makes you feel like you are flying in the air as one of my favorite songs describes love, “Aajkal Paanv Zameen par nahi padte mere”. I feel exactly the same. When you are in love it feels like someone gives you the reason to live. A one person gives you the meaning of life. Tells you how important you are for someone.  It makes you more connected with digital India (haha), day night Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, skype chats with that special person. Your all FB posts, WhatsApp status all belongs to that person. 
Love is the quintessential sentiments of a person. love is when other person’s emotions, dreams, happiness, taste, words, their problems become your own. When you feel the pain of another person and know what they are feeling. Love makes you live together, hold together when life tears you apart.  love is when you stare at your phone all day long and check the last seen on WhatsApp. love is when you can feel your own heart beating after the glimpse of the person you love. love gives you the strength to fight with the world. It helps to come out the best in you.
Nothing could be more magical than these words…”I LOVE YOU”.Believe me, the sound of these three beautiful words is just amazing. True love is always unconditional, it is selfless. Only the happiness of other person is essential to your own. Love is often defined as a chemical imbalance to a human mind called as “Loveria”. That makes you overemotional, ebullient, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, anxiety and gives you mood swings when you and the person that you love are together, 
Have you ever been in love? If yes then you know how it feels. But if your answer is “No” it seems horrible. It makes people so vulnerable. Love is hard to put into words. Being in love brings up emotions that run the gamut from anguishment to elation.
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