How I transformed my problem skin by ditching the late night curries for green juice, pumpkin and lashings of chocolate

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Being in LA these last few weeks has changed my mindset on my mind and body. Don’t worry I haven’t turned into a yoga loving La La Land hippy, but I have to say the lifestyle out here is much better for me than being in Chelsea.

I am in LA filming for Made In Chelsea and I have to say I am in love with the place. I just love being outside and by the water. Back in London, I am quite happy to come home from the pub, pick up a curry late at night and sleep until late the next day. 

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Here in LA, I have decided to be a good girl and give up the drink while I am here, which is around 8 weeks in total. It has done wonders for my skin, which is normally quite problematic and flares up all the time. I have had problem skin for a while now and I really notice that it gets worse when I have been drinking and eating badly.

So I decided to share what I have been doing over here for the last month, because I genuinely feel like a new person. Gone are the late night takeaways and I have really tried to start logging what I am putting into my body.

I really believe that taking care of your skin from within is just as important than treating its exterior. It’s not just a myth, your diet truly does affect your complexion.

Below are my steps to help you improve your skin from within:

Lemon Water

Drinking lots of water:

I can really see the difference being dehydrated makes to my skin. It feels really dry & I also feel lifeless, I have started adding lemon into my water in the morning as it helps make my skin healthy and has finally started looking what I have wanted for years – radiant and glowing. I am also loving the green juices at the moment. I know they look horrible, but genuinely they taste good. Most place you buy them from add yummy fruit to make them taste better. I also really want a Nutribullet as they are so easy and massive over here in America.

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Vitamin E :

My trainer has told me to eat lots of food containing vitamin E, so at the moment I am trying to eat spinach with most meals and have almonds as my snack. This also keeps my energy levels up throughout the day. 

Green Tea:

Drinking just one cup of green tea a day can have amazing benefits for your skin. I have replaced this for one of my coffees. It is loaded with antioxidants and what I did notice is that my skin got worse before it got better as all the toxins started to come out, but stick with it.

Non-Dairy Products:

This is a new thing for me really, as I love my cheese but I have recently cut back and found that dairy products actually are highly inflammatory on the poor old skin, which ultimately aggravates skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles and rashes. I now replace some of my daily non-diary substitutes to help with even skin tone and texture.The main product I use now is almond milk in place of milk and it’s actually really good.


Most people suffer with a lack of protein in their diets and this can quite often be why you feel hungry in the middle of the afternoon, especially if you are trying to follow a low carb diet.

I have started working on a new range called Active Woman with Bio Synergy. Being involved in the range has made me understand protein and why our body needs it so much more. 


Protein is not just good for building up muscle, protein is also essential for building strong skin. Collagen which is essentially made from protein, is responsible for keeping the skin taut and less wrinkled.

I often have a protein shake in the middle of the afternoon if my energy decreases and it is great if you are exercising regularly.

You can find out more here about my range here:

Green and Yellow Vegetables

A study has found that the antioxidants found in green and yellow vegetables help fight ageing. I have been trying to order lots of green salads and leafy green vegetables as well as corn into my diet as I need to keep my crow feet at bay!

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Over here in LA, pumpkin seems to be everywhere and apparently cooked pumpkin is one of the best food sources of beta-carotene. I have been told that our bodies can convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, which stimulates skin cell growth. In short, this will result in smoother, softer and more youthful looking skin.

Pumpkin Soup

Dark Chocolate

I am a massive chocolate lover, but it is not only a killer for the waistline, but also the skin. Just lately, I have been trying to substitute it for dark chocolate and it’s delicious. It is also surprisingly good for your complexion. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa, which improves blood circulation and can hydrate the skin. This leaves the overall texture of the skin smoother and healthier looking.

This is the best news I have ever had so I am off to feed myself loads of chocolate and bake myself in the Californian sun!

Binky xxx

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