HIV And Drug Addiction

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The drug addicts due to the clouding of their mind by the feeling of self destruction and self sympathy try to inflict injury to the body by the repeated intake of the intoxicating drug substance. Once they develop tolerance and start depending on these drugs for their survival and they are unable to break free from the shackles and get entangled in the web forever.

Let Us Know a Few Things about HIV
HIV is the deadly virus which has affected millions of individuals all over the world. HIV is a retrovirus which produces AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), a condition where the immunity is affected to such an extent that opportunistic infections are produced which can be life threatening. Infection by HIV can occur by transfer by blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. The HIV infection complication includes bacterial infection, tuberculosis, malignancies, sexually transmitted disease etc. In drug abusers this infection has become a common entity due to sharing of needles and sexual promiscuity. Transmission of infection from HIV positive mother to fetus has also become a cause of concern to health authorities all over.

About Drug Addiction and HIV
The extent of drug addiction depends on the physical and psychological dependency of the abuser. Once the tolerance to a drug develops, the addict does not feel comfortable unless they go for a higher dose of the drug. Thus an increase in the withdrawal symptoms is produced if the next dose is not taken at the earliest.

As many factors can act as triggers for getting addicted, the psychological impact has a major role to play in every abuser. Marital and family discord, sexual abuse, divorce, death of loved one etc are all causes for an addict to get hooked to the drugs.

Treatment for HIV Affected Drug Abusers
The prevention from infection is important as the spread of infection is taking place at a faster pace.

-Use disposable syringes and maintain hygiene to prevent transmission of infection.

-Use barriers like condoms so as to not contract the infection by sexual closeness.

A provision for drug addiction and HIV treatment is required in the health centre to combat the double menace. The counseling of patient and relatives by psychiatrist, along with awareness of HIV is required to tackle the problem. The HIV infection can be tackled by the innumerable medications available. In all the treatment is not as simple, for both conditions along with the complication are difficult to handle.

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