Happiness Is A Choice

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Happiness does not have to be a future occurrence. You have the power to choose your happiness now.

Many people live their life in the search for happiness. For many people this search continues their whole life, and they never “find” happiness.

Part of the problem with the search for happiness is that you are searching outside of yourself for your happiness. Happiness is not found in an external place, circumstance, thing or person. Happiness is found within you.

We have the power to choose happiness at any time. We all have the power to choose happiness now. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, you choose how you are going to let outside events and circumstances effect you. Sometimes the circumstances that show up in our lives can be difficult or sometimes very harsh. Even in the face of very harsh circumstances we can choose peace, we can choose forgiveness, we can choose happiness. It is always up to us.

In order for us to be able to use our power to choose happiness, we need to know what happiness is. Happiness is different for everyone. We are all unique individuals, with our own likes and dislikes. I would highly encourage you to get quiet and do some deep reflection on what happiness looks like for you.

What does happiness feel like for you? Think back to times when you felt incredible happiness. Perhaps it has been a long time, maybe when you were a child. Close your eyes and imagine a time when you experienced the most happiness in your life. What does that look like? What does that feel like?

What can you do now in your life to feel that happiness?

A lot of people never attain true happiness because they are constantly making it a future occurrence. People are constantly saying things like:

“I’ll be happy when I don’t have to work at my job anymore.” “I’ll be happy when I meet my soul mate.” “I’ll be happy when so and so doesn’t work with me anymore.” “I’ll be happy when so and so apologizes to me.”I’ll be happy when I live somewhere different.” “I’ll be happy when……”

These phrases constantly keep happiness at a future place. You see, the way the Universe works is when you exude a vibration of happiness then you attract the things that will match that vibration. You must recognize and accept that happiness is within you and that is what will attract what you truly want.

How can you experience happiness now?

It will require you to re frame your ways of thinking. It will require you to focus on the things, even if it is only a couple, that help you feel happiness now. Maybe it’s your children or a friend, or long walks. Focus on those things with a powerful feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude may be your greatest tool for creating happiness in your life now. When you begin to focus on what you are grateful for, you can’t help but feel happy.

What you focus on expands. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the more things will appear in your life to be grateful for.

I would highly encourage you to take time every morning or evening and sit and write what you are grateful. It doesn’t have to be a certain amount of things, just go with your own flow. Starting off you may only write one or two things. After a while, if you stay consistent with writing every day, you will notice more and more things to be grateful for. I would also encourage you to practice saying thank you and acknowledging what you are grateful for during the day. Just in your head say thank you or I am grateful for whatever it is that you notice you are grateful for. Maybe you are grateful for a smile that someone gave you, or the fact that you have a car to transport you, or the fact that you are alive.

Happiness can be yours now. It is up to you to make the choice to claim your happiness. Remember, you are an amazing person and you deserve to be happy.

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