Grabbing My Crotch In Front of 200 Women

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I received a very strange invite asking me to come down to a TV studio packed with men and women and to publicly grab my own crotch.
Usually this sort of behaviour gets your collar felt for indecent exposure but on this occasion I was assured it would be all for the good cause.

Spencer with Nuts logo

Check Your Nuts Guys It’s For A Good Cause

The cause was the Check One Two movement’s #FeelingNuts campaign, getting men to check for testicular cancer regularly. A most worthy campaign, I’m sure you’d agree, and I was happy to get involved. Over 2,000 new cases of testicular cancer are found each year in the UK, mostly in men from age 20-39 (so that’s me included), but thankfully this cancer has a relatively high chance of being cured, as long as you detect it early enough – hence this big awareness campaign for men to check their goolies.

Spencer and Jamie on the mike2

Slightly Pained Expression Due to Recent Crotch Grab

So all you have to do is this:Send a twitter picture or video, or some other social media platform that you communicate on posting: “I’m #Feelingnuts” and then add something funny/witty/whatever and the all important #FeelingNuts and then challenge another couple of friends (girls and boys) to do the crotch grab challenge as well.


Spencer and Jamie with drinks

Jamie Was Wasting No Time At The #FeelingNuts Bar

Also while you’re down there it would be a good idea to check your gonads for any strange bumps which could be cancer.
The twitter campaign is building fast and so far Ricky Gervais, Jack Whitehall, Alan Carr, Hugh Jackman and even William Shatner have posted pictures of themselves delicately cupping their genitals.

Jack Whitehall and Alan Carr feeling nuts

Whitehall and Carr Cop A Feel for #FeelingNuts


Ricky Gervais #FeelingNuts

A Very Agressive Crotch Grab From Ricky Gervais

The #FeelingNuts event was at the 02 Arena with my Made In Chelsea colleague Jamie Laing, and met up with Jack Whitehall who was hosting the event. We were interviewed by Jack’s former co-star on E4 drama Fresh Meat, actor Greg McHugh, who plays Howard on the show. Greg did the interview in the style of the Howard – the very nerdy and socially inept Scottish geology student.

Spencer being interviewed2

So What’s Your Favourite E4 Show – MIC or Fresh Meat?

It was possibly the most painful interview and was almost as awkward and grabbing my own crotch in front of the predominantly female crowd. Luckily it appeared to go down well with the audience. But I won’t make a habit of it.
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Feeling Nuts airs on 19th October as part of the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ Season, a joint national fundraiser from Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK culminating in a live TV event at 7pm on 17th October.  or for further information.

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