Going Green: Green Living = Healthy Living

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The world’s population is expanding at an astonishing rate and the world has a fixed amount of natural resources, some of which are already depleted. Going green is the most important and effective way to save our planet from GLOBAL WARMING. Isn’t it vital saving clean air, water, fuel sources and soil for future generations? If you are willing to make small changes in your lifestyle, you can make a difference and can play a role in saving our planet. Small things like: purchasing eco-friendly products such as eco-friendly laundry products compared to buying the one at retail store; wash clothes in cold water instead of hot water when doing laundry as 85% energy used to machine wash goes to heating the water, this way you can save energy too; recycle materials that need to recycled, even electronics; dry clothes in natural sunlight than using dryer to dry your clothes; set your thermostat a few degrees lower in winter and few degrees higher n summer to save costs and energy; use fluorescent light bulbs instead of the bulbs that consume lot of energy; take short showers instead of taking long hot water showers to save more energy; wear clothes that do not need to be dry cleaned; include more veggies in your diet and consume less meat; save gas- walk or bike small distances.

This glorious world that we LIVE in is god’s one of the precious GIFT. Our planet needs YOU. YOU can make a difference to make this WORLD a better place to LIVE for all of US. The most effective way to save and protect out planet is by being a VEGETARIAN.

By going VEGETARIAN, you will help to:

1. Avoid excessive production of carbon dioxide.

2. Reduce production of methane and nitrous oxide, both of which are harmful gases.

3. save large amounts of water.

4. Reduce destruction of tropical rainforests ans tropical soil.

5. Reduce destruction of wild life habitat and endangered species.

Global warming is not only a hot topic for NASA and other environmental agencies, it is a big concern for saving our PLANET EARTH. The ice at the poles is melting at a faster rate each second and the increase in large amount of carbon dioxide production which is largely due to processing of meat is a major contributing factor in carbon dioxide increase and thus GLOBAL WARMING.

It is true that the change cannot just happen all of a sudden. Firstly, YOU have to be AWARE of what’s happening and secondly, YOU have to have the willingness to TRY.

It is a PROCESS and not an OVERNIGHT CHANGEOVER. So, are you ready to be a part of GO VEG, GO GREEN?

I have been a vegetarian all my life and I never felt that I have to eat meat. I love being a vegetarian and I will always be one. I am not saying that everyone in this world should stop eating meat, but can YOU just try to not eat meat just ONE DAY A WEEK? To save OUR planet, to give your children a better environment to live in? ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO GIVE ALL OF US A GREENER AND SAFER PLANET.

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