Genesis 950 Black Friday Coupon Code

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Genesis 950 Black Friday Coupon Code

Thursday, November 25th, use the code BF2016 to take $10 off 1 gallon of Genesis 950 at This offer is valid only when purchased directly through our store website. This offer is not valid on Amazon. 

With the $10 off online code, the 1 gallon Genesis 950 is only $32. Also included in the offer is a free spray bottle to make cleaning easy. Free shipping is also included with the offer. 

Genesis 950 is a green all purpose cleaner. Working as a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains. When the bonds of a stain are broken, the stain can then be flushed from the surface. This powerful cleaner serves many purposes. Grab a gallon for yourself, or give it as a gift. As crazy as it sounds, we have had so many calls from people who were given Genesis 950 and loved it so much they wanted more! 


clean pet stains
Clean old pet stains from carpet
remove pet stains
spot clean surface stains
best way to clean pet stains
remove pet stains

Use Genesis 950 to remove pet stains and odors. Genesis 950 can be used as a spot cleaner to remove small stains from carpeting, flooring and furniture. It can also be used in a machine to remove heavy stains that are likely to smear if spot cleaned, or to clean urine that has seeped into the padding. When used in a machine, Genesis 950 can break down and flush out stains deep within the carpet. In addition to removing stains, Genesis 950 contains antibacterial cleaners which will remove the odors. As an added bonus, because Genesis 950 is green, it will not harm your pets. 


clean car interiors
Clean car interiors and exteriors with Genesis 950

Car lovers will go crazy over Genesis 950. Several professional detailers, dealerships and garages use Genesis 950 to detail cars. It’s powerful enough to remove stains from seats, road salt and mud from carpet and greasy build up in the engine area. Easily clean dashboards and textured surfaces. Clean entire vehicles from the interior to the exterior. Remove grease, tar, oil and bug residue from vehicles. It’s not just for cars though. Clean cycles, boats and RVs with ease.  


Record collectors can be hard to shop for. Who knows what records they already have or which ones they like? but one thing is certain, record collectors love their collections and work hard to keep them clean. Genesis 950 is the perfect gift for any record collector. It is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage vinyl (or labels if used correctly). Because of the way Genesis 950 works, it can get deep into the grooves of a vinyl record to break down any dust, fingerprints, grime or build up that has affected it over the years. In doing so, it enhances the sound quality of the record, reducing pops and background noise. It can also be used to remove old stickers from the labels. 

how to clean vinyl records
Clean vinyl records with Genesis 950


As a general cleaning product, anyone could find a use for Genesis 950. It has been featured in several magazines as an ideal green cleaner. Especially for homes with children. Because it is green, it is free of harmful chemicals which have been linked to health issues ranging from asthma to cancer. Genesis 950 can be used through the entire home. From carpet cleaning to general cleaning, the uses for Genesis 950 are endless. Clean carpet, tile floors, counters, sinks, walls, window ledges. remove stains from furniture, carpet and clothing. Replace all your hazardous chemicals with 1 cleaner that can do the job of everything you might have stored under the sink.

best carpet cleaner
DIY carpet cleaning solution

Read the Genesis 950 Reviews to see what else it can clean:

Genesis 950 is the best green cleaner for the entire home. Remove pet stains and odors from carpet, clean kitchens & bathrooms or find something new to clean!

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