Drug Addiction at Work Place

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The problem of drug addiction has affected world over and office goers are easily lured into the trap as they have both money and stress. Nowadays, teenagers make money by working in menial jobs and in informal set-ups on a part time basis to quench their desire for easy money. If teenagers are exposed to drug addiction at work places, their inquisitive nature gets the better of them. Also work place is more liable for such adventures due to pattern of working hours. The night shifts involved in certain work outlets break the sleep pattern and the competitive nature makes the person to shift to addiction to maintain the alertness and energy. We hardly find the employers sensitive to the issues of employee because the major industries have a vast number of employees and to keep a tab on everyone is a difficult task.

Cause of addiction at work place

-Workaholism itself is a major cause of concern. Many people in their quest to get promotion, perks and praise try to create a barrier between themselves and their family. This produces strife and marital discord. To get away from family problems they are trapped in a vicious cycle of drug addiction and emotional aberration.

-Also individuals who have undergone emotional trauma from divorce, sexual abuse or bereavement from loved one are vulnerable to addiction as they have no one to turn to in their moments of depression.

-As friendship is easily developed at work place, an introduction to addiction by colleagues for the purpose of fun is common.

How to handle drug addiction at work place
1.The addiction of an employee is not understood until frank symptoms of addiction in the form of negligence, laziness or absence from work for a longer period of time is seen.

2.The best way to assess addiction is to get routine health check ups of employees. This is helpful both in understanding the health status of individual as well as to recognize the addicts.

3. Some readily available kits are present to check the type of addiction like the THC kit for cannabis addiction. The samples from blood, urine etc. can be examined to know the abused substance.

4.The organization should have health facilities along with psychiatric counselors to meet the physical and psychological conditions of the employee. Even though it may be a costly affair the reward in the form healthy working environment is a boost to the organization.

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