Do you spend more time taking pics of your kids for social media than actually parenting them? – Mail Online

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A new survey landed on my desk today and the stats were truly shocking – see below…

New research from, a gadget and home appliance insurance company, reveals that a quarter (23%) of UK mums spend more than 12 hours every day on gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. One in ten mums (12%) said they spend 9-12 hours and 25% said they would be on their devices between 4-8 hours on a normal day.

Half of these mums (54%) admitted most of the time on their gadgets was spent on social media platforms, and a third (33%) said they were taking photos and videos of their children to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


I am certainly not innocent myself! When we wrote the Small Talk book we recommended that parents spent AT LEAST ten minutes of golden time talking to and playing with their kids every day. That meant one-to-one, with no phone in your hand, no TV or radio on and no interruptions (so no pottering to the dishwasher). It sounds like hardly any time at all does it, but think how often you actually focus intently on your child without multi tasking.

Judging from the stats in this report I think we could all do with thinking about that ten minutes of golden time every day – and usually it always ends up being more because you are both enjoying what you are doing!

One school was so fed up with parents greeting their children at the school gates glued to their phones that it launched a campaign (main pic). Yes it’s good to be connected and a lot of us are working on the go, but there are times when we need to put the phone down and get some real-life face time with our kids and family.

I am now stepping away from my lap top to do bathtime (and my phone will be staying downstairs!)



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